Activating DICOM Gobbler

This guide assumes that you have already purchased DICOM Gobbler licenses.  If you have not, then please visit our store to place an order.

Please follow these steps to download and activate:

  1. Download and install DICOM Gobbler using this link.
  2. Open DICOM Gobbler via the start menu
  3. Once the application starts, you will see the following screen.  Your license request code has been copied to your clipboard, click the link that is highlighted in blue:
  4. You will be taken to the activation page at  Please sign in.
    Log in
  5. Paste Registration Code into the Request Code field.
  6. Click Activate, and you will be presented with the following screen.
  7. Copy the Activation Code to the DICOM Gobbler application, then
  8. Click OK, configure the application and you are done!