Adding an MRN or Patient ID to LUNAR DPX reports

In order to automate DPX storage to PACS, we first need to ensure that a patient ID appears on reports.  This guide explains how to enable the ID, and have it appear on reports.  Let’s get started.

Configuring the DPX Software

The LUNAR software provides three possible fields to store a patient ID or MRN: Social Security ID, Facility ID, and Department ID.  Although none of these actually meet the definition of MRN, we’ve decided that Facility ID is the closest, so let’s use that.

  1. Run the DPX software and at the main menu, press F5 to Change Default Options
    DPX Main Menu - Changing Defaults
  2. Next, press F2 to go into the Miscellaneous options
    F2 for Miscellaneous
  3. Then use the arrow keys to highlight Patient ID TypePatient ID Type
  4. Press 2 to select Facility ID
  5. Then press Home to return to the previous screen.  You will be asked to Save dataSave Changes
  6. Press Y to save.
  7. You have just completed enabling the Facility ID for the first type of report – in our case, this was the Femur.
  8. Back at the main screen, Press F6 to Select Scan TypeSelect Scan Type
  9. Then use your arrow keys to select AP SpineSelect AP spine
  10. Press ESC to select and return to the main screenConfirm AP Spine
  11. Ensure that you have indeed changed to the new scan type.
  12. Repeat steps 1 through 8 until you have changed the Patient ID Type for Femur, AP Spine, Lateral Spine and Total Body scan types.

During Your Exam

Now that you have enabled the facility ID on your reports, you will need to make sure that you enter it into the patient demographics at the commencement of your exam.

To do this:

  1. Fill in the usual Mandatory Information normallyMandatory patient information
  2. Then press F1 to go into the Optional Information screen – don’t press ESC!
  3. Enter the Facility ID into the second optional fieldOptional patient informationCareful, this has to match the patient MRN that will appear in your worklist and PACS.
  4. Press ESC to continue to your scan.
  5. When you’re finished with the analysis, print as usual.