Print to film for AGFA 5302, Axys and HU.Q HQ-450Y

Download DICOM Printer 2 from our website:

Run the Setup Wizard to install:

DICOM Printer 2 setup start

The Setup Wizard will take you through the process and then offer to run the Configuration Wizard. In the first screen, select Film Printer:

DICOM Printer Configuration Wizard screen 1

You will be presented with the following screen:

DP2 Film configuration

  1. Select our imager model family from the drop down, e.g., AGFA Drystar 5300.
    DICOM Printer 2 configuration wizard printer dropdown
  2. You should probably leave the defaults unchanged for this example.
  3. Enter the Printer AE Title, IP Address and Port Number of the imager.

Printer configuration completed

Then click Commit!

DICOM Printer 2 Wizard end

You’re Ready to Print!

Launch your application and Print, then select the DICOM Printer 2 printer from the print dialog.

DICOM Printer print dialog selection

Please ensure to select the right film size!

Film size selection

If you experience any trouble, send us an email!