Switching to a virtual printer in DPX

These instructions explain how to switch output from paper to the virtual DICOM printer in LUNAR DPX.

Before following these instructions, you should have either asked us to configure the virtual printer, or have done so yourself.  If you’re unsure, then please contact us.

Changing over to DICOM

  1. First, open up the Print Manager by pressing F7 from the Main DPX Screen.1- Main Screen - Print Manager
  2. Then go into the Print Options by pressing F1.2 - Print Manager - Print Options
  3. Next, move down to the Port2 Printer using your arrow keys, and press RETURN/ENTER to select.3 - Print Options - Printer
  4. Again, with your arrow keys, move down to HP LaserJet 2 (300 dpi) [2,3].  When it’s highlighted, press ESC to select it.4 - Printer - HP LaserJet II
    Note: If you would like to try color output, then feel free to select the 3 or 4-color DeskJet options.  We haven’t tested these modes thoroughly, but they should function without trouble.

  5. With the arrows once more, move two places down to Active Port  and select LPT2 by pressing the number 2 on your keyboard.  Then press the ESC key.5 - Print Options - Active Port
  6. And, finally, ESC once more to quit back to the Print Manager screen:6 - Print Manager - Home

Now it’s finally time to print a report:

  1. Press Home to quit back to the main screen,
  2. F2 to analyse, then select and print a study.

You will see nothing and hear nothing, but if all goes as planned, then your study will arrive over DICOM into your PACS.

Make sure to contact us when you’re finished so we can ensure the rest of your DPX to PACS integration is functioning correctly.