Product list

Flux Inc. started off as a medical consulting and software provider and this activity forms the core of our business. We specialize in customized solutions for electronic health and produce a growing set of DICOM, HL7, and data warehousing applications.

DICOM Printer

This is a Windows-based virtual PACS printer and automatic background DICOM workflow processor, capable of query, store and print-to-film.


Combobulator is a gateway that converts DICOM measurements and data into perfectly formatted HL7 reports.


Shrinks costs by compressing DICOM studies on their way into storage. Significantly reduces the size of most classes of studies, including US, MR, CT, SC and others.


Flux Capacitor is a buffered DICOM gateway that provides true fire-and-forget PACS storage for applications and devices that don’t handle network outages very well.

Ultrasound Gateways

DICOM structured report compatibility repeaters for Siemens SC2000 and Acuson S2000 ultrasound carts. Our gateways provide automatic measurement import into popular PACSs.


The HL7e protocol, loosely defined, is a wrapper for the general standard, encapsulating each message in an SSL encrypted tunnel.

DICOM Multi-tool

DMT is a robust standalone DICOM service toolchain. It can act as either a query, store, move, or worklist SCU and SCP, and is invoked through a highly flexible XML interface.