Product list

Flux Inc. started off as a medical consulting and software provider and this activity forms the core of our business. We specialize in customized solutions for electronic health and produce a growing set of DICOM, HL7, and data warehousing applications.

DICOM Printer

DICOM DROP Folder and Virtual Printer

Windows-based virtual PACS printer and automatic DICOM workflow processor. DICOM Printer can query, store, and print to film. Our customers use it to send reports and images to PACS, print reports and images to film, save encapsulated PDF to PACS, and store PDF using HL7 to RIS.

DICOM Capacitor

Store and Forward Router

DICOM Capacitor can cache, compress, route, and transform DICOM using simple rules. Typical applications include mobile store and worklist cache, traffic shaping, DICOM header repair, and vendor compatibility.

DICOM Gobbler


Gobbler pops up automatically when you insert a DICOM CD or USB, it asks for an MRN, and then quietly stores the contents to your local PACS. Gobbler imports in the background so you can get on with your work.


Scan to PACS

TuPACS gets things from your document scanner, lets you search your DICOM modality worklist, and sends them directly to PACS.

DICOM Multi-tool (SDK)

DMT is a robust standalone DICOM service toolchain. It can act as either a query, store, move, or worklist SCU and SCP, and is invoked through a highly flexible XML interface.