DICOM Capacitor

DICOM Capacitor is a store and forward DICOM gateway for mobile and unreliable networks.

What is the Flux Capacitor?

Capacitor is a DICOM Gateway router that receives studies from any DICOM modality, stores them temporarily, and then, when possible, delivers them to one or more PACSs.

When to use Capacitor?

  • Mobile units, where connectivity to your network is available only one in a while, or at the end of the day.
  • Remote sites, where bandwidth is insufficient and large transfers have to be scheduled.
  • Unreliable networks, where frequent network drops cause aborted transmissions.
  • Poor vendor implementations. Sometimes hung transfers hang applications, and that can have a big impact on your schedule.

How does it work?

Capacitor sits between your device and the PACS, this can be either on the same machine, or a locally-placed server.

  • Your modality is pointed to Capacitor instead of the PACS — you can use the same AE title as PACS or 
  • Capacitor queues the studies it receives and attempts to store them either when PACS is available
  • Capacitor removes own copy only after studies are safely stored to PACS

From the perspective of your modality, storage to Capacitor is the same as storage to PACS, creating an uninterrupted workflow.

What is the impact on staff?


  • Storage is fast, freeing up the device workstation, and the technologist, to complete their work.
  • Technologists only have to store once. Capacitor will automatically re-attempt until everything has been delivered to PACS.
  • Mobile units get to operate without any consideration for the availability of networks and PACS.
  • Redundancy is created automatically. Since a copy of each study resides in the Capacitor queue, then permanent data loss is less likely.

Legendary Performance

Capacitor has been written in C#, and features:

  • Low memory use
  • Optimized operation to release the modality associations within the shortest possible time
  • Zero-configuration updates; most can be performed within a matter of minutes using a single installer. You should never putt off upgrades out of fear of their impact.

Automated Cache Management

Disk storage is kept within limits by first reducing the rate at which studies are accepted, and then rejecting them completely. In no case will – Capacitor ever drop studies it has accepted.

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How to get in touch

Download an evaluation of DICOM Capacitor from our store.

Supported Modalities

  • Any modality that outputs DICOM

Network Services

  • US, CT, DR, MR, SC, RAW Storage SCU/SCP
  • SR Storage SCU/SCP
  • Verification SCU/SCP

Supported PACS Systems

  • All of them

Basic Specifications

  • Windows executable, runs as a system service
  • Receives instances as a Store SCP
  • Transmits to PACS when possible

System Requirements

  • Minimum x86 or x64 CPU at 2 GHz or higher
  • 4 GB or more memory
  • Windows Workstation or Server with .NET 4.7.2
  • 200 GB of storage for log files and a sizeable cache
  • TCP access to both modality and destination PACS system