DICOM Printer

DICOM everything to PACS or Film

DICOM Printer 1

Manually send things to PACS or Film.  Shows up as a virtual printer in Windows. Simply Print, Query, and Store to PACS, Film or DICOM CD.

DICOM Printer 2

Automatically send things to PACS or Film. DICOM Printer 2 takes documents from a virtual printer or drop folder, queries PACS or Worklist automatically, then sends to PACS and Film.

Perfect for multi-user environments, DP2 delivers things to PACS or film right away.

Wondering which version of DICOM Printer is best for you? Please refer to this helpful table:

Price750 USD750 USD
Send things to PACS through a virtual printer
Send things to PACS through a drop folder
Send things to a DICOM Imager (e.g., AGFA Axys)✗ Manual✗ Automatic
Query Worklist for study data✗ Manual✗ Automatic
Query PACS for study data✗ Manual✗ Automatic
Extract data from document text✗ Automatic
Annotate documents and images
Add logos to documents and images
Create DICOMDIR to burn CDs
Run scripts to get more data
Background re-query to attach documents to future studies
Send to multiple destinations
Send to different destinations based on document type
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