DICOM Printer 1

DICOM Printer is a virtual Windows printer whose print jobs are sent either to PACS, DICOM CD or a DICOM film printer.

DICOM Printer Flow Diagram

If you are a Dental X-Ray distributor and wish to print to film, please use DICOM Printer 2.

Use Cases

  • Associate reports from either software or hardware devices with studies in PACS.
  • Attach Word, Excel, Scanned, or other documents to studies in PACS.
  • Send documents to DICOM-compliant film printers.
  • Generate DICOM CD folders.
  • Add DICOM storage, CD,  and print functionality to existing software.
  • Add DICOM storage, CD,  and print functionality to older non-DICOM medical equipment.

Key Features

Accepts documents and images printed from from any Windows application.
Can perform Patient, Study or Worklist based queries to associate relevant data.
Generates true-size hardcopies on most DICOM-compliant film printers.

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8 thoughts on “DICOM Printer 1

  1. Halo

    Am interested in the Dicom printer.

    I would like to know if I can install the software on 2 computers or I will have to buy for each computer and is there a demo version or references for this software?


    1. Hello Tom,

      DICOM Printer is indeed licensed per computer. However, we do offer discounts if your computers share a document source, and a document destination.


  2. Hi Sir,
    We bought your printer software(Dicom Printer: Full version) on 2008. We have to reinstall it to new computer.
    We would glad to help us how can we do that.

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