DICOM Printer 2 Light

DICOM Printer 2™ Light, or simply DP2L, is a limited license release of DICOM Printer 2, intended for our print-to-film only clients.

Purchase (750 USD)

Download (16 MB)

DICOM Printer 2L sends documents to dry imagers such as:

  • AGFA Drystar Axys, 5302, etc.
  • FUJI Drypix
  • Kodak Dryview
  • Konica/Minolta
  • Many other brands.


DPL will output DICOM film from virtually any source.

Fully Automated
Background operation delivers images and reports to film without any manual intervention.
True Size
DP2L makes sure the image comes out exactly the right size, no matter the printer or film.
Full support for Grayscale 8-bit, 12-bit and Color.

If you would like to try DP2L with your imager, please download an evaluation copy and contact us to help you get started.