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WCH Osteoporosis Program Chart Tracking System

Featuring a straightforward and comfortable interface, Flux Inc. has recently completed an internal, barcode-based, patient chart tracking system for the Osteoporosis Program at Women’s College Hospital.

Our clean and simple tracking solution is fast, secure, and incorporates built-in form entry and electronic storage.  As always, our focus is on functionality, comfort and compatibility.  Careful use of AJAX and light style elements ensure that the user experience is consistent all the way from legacy to modern browsers.

YPG Tasks Flux Inc with Human Metrics Platform

Metrics Platform

Coming on the heels of our most recent collaboration with Yellow Pages Group, Flux Inc. has been commissioned to develop a web-based Client Services human performance metrics platform.  This application will combine RPC-driven Web technologies with flexible NumPy-based schedule and metrics computation algorithms.  Our aim is to develop a modular system, allowing comparisons of metrics and long-term extensibility.  As always, our client will be provided with the entire source code, and be free to expand functionality well into the future.