World, meet the Ultrasound SR Gateway

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of a product we’ve been working on for the past year. It’s a gateway that accepts Siemens SC2000 and Acuson S2000 DICOM SR output and makes it work with a few popular, but outdated and incompatible, PACSs and RISs. We call it the Ultrasound SR Gateway (for now).

The USR Gateway transforms the SR, maintaining the integrity of all values, providing automatic measurement population in the following scenarios:

  • S2000 to Digisonics
  • S2000 to Merge
  • S2000 to many compliant PACSs, and HL7 radiology reporting systems

In addition, the USR Gateway provides automatic population of cardiac measurements in the following contexts:

  • SC2000 to Philips Xcelera R2.1 and R3.1
  • SC2000 to Philips Xcelera R3.2 and R3.3 without manual mapping
  • SC2000 to AGFA Heartlab 1.5 and 1.6
  • SC2000 to Merge
  • SC2000 to PowerScribe 360

The Ultrasound SR Gateway is efficient, transparent, stateless and incredibly easy to deploy and configure.

Please visit the Ultrasound SR Gateway product page to learn more.

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