Activating DICOM Printer 2

  1. Open DICOM Printer Control
    Accessing DICOM Printer Control via the start menu
  2. Click HelpActivate:
    Open Activation tool
  3. Click OK
    Click OK
  4. Click into Registration Code, then CTRL-A, and CTRL-C to copy:
    Copy the request code
  5. Go to
    Log in
  6. Paste Registration Code into Request Code
    copy request code
  7. Click Activate
    Enter activation details
  8. Copy the Activation Code and Printer Code back to the Activation Tool
    Copy activation codes
  9. Click Register
    Click Register
  10. Press OK twice
    Press OK two times
  11. Close the Control Center
    Close the control center
  12. Re-open the Control Center
    Accessing DICOM Printer Control via the start menu
  13. Confirm success
    Confirm successful validation
  14. Done!

5 thoughts on “Activating DICOM Printer 2

  1. My HDD got damaged and now I had to replace it with another one.

    How can I get my DICOM Printer 2 license to activate on the new HDD?

  2. When performing the authentication process, does the Internet need to be connected?

    1. Hi there.

      You will need internet access on a nearby device to be able to get the key, but the DICOM Printer workstation does not need to be connected.

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