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Please select a DICOM Printer support model from the list below, and click “Add to Cart” to continue.

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DICOM Printer 2L [add_to_cart item=”304″ showprice=”only”] [add_to_cart item=”304″ showprice=”no” ]


DICOM Printer online purchase entitles you to use this software with one diagnostic device, or one document source, on a single workstation.  Installations on additional workstations require separate purchase.

Support contracts available on this page entitle you, the buyer, to receive priority support via remote control, telephone or e-mail throughout the contract term.  Support is guaranteed by the next business day, but we usually respond on the same day that assistance is requested.

If you wish to purchase DICOM Printer with guaranteed same-day support, for situations where stoppage has a direct impact on patients, then please contact us for a customized quotation.

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