Scan to PACS with TuPACS

We’re happy to announce the release of TuPACS — our unique and super-friendly take on the scan-to-PACS application.

In our design, we’ve focused on:

  • Ease-of-use. We want you to touch TuPACS as little as possible before your documents are on their way.
  • A large and readable user interface. You should never have to hunt for the next button to press.
  • A low price point. We’re aware the other PACS scan applications can be expensive both to purchase and to renew. TuPACS will help lower the annual bill.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Scan a document using your document scanner; TuPACS will pop to the foreground.
  • Rotate and rearrange document pages using TuPACS big and obvious buttons.
  • Search your DICOM Modality Worklist using Accession, MRN, or Patient Name, and
  • Send your scan to PACS while you prepare your next document

TuPACS works with:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Any DICOM-compliant PACS
  • Any Document Scanner that supports scan-to-disk functionality using JPEG, TIFF, JPG or GIF formats

Visit the TuPACS product page to learn more, or simply download an evaluation copy.

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